Turnkey IT

Turnkey IT for our people in the hospitality industry

Securis Systems is a Tampa based managed service provider tailored to small businesses in the hospitality industry. From hardwiring to consultation about what’s trending in restaurant tech, we’ll provide responsive, local expertise when your business needs it most.

Even if you’re one of the 33% of Americans whose first job was in the restaurant industry, even if you stayed in the stream and worked your way up to where you are now, there’s a solid chance that you never had to be hands-on with the technology in the way your job is demanding it now.

That’s where we come in.

If it's technology in your restaurant, we support it or know someone who does.

How’s that for honesty?

As a local IT resource for Tampa area restaurants, our goal isn’t to say, “Yes! We can do that!” only to then turn around and say to each other, “Now, how are we going to do that?” If we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll be straightforward about it, and then we’ll use the many connections we’ve built over the years in the business to GET you what you need.

Even if you’re looking for a software or IT solution we don’t always have on hand, with our expertise and experience, we’ll not only get our hands on it, but we’ll be sure your infrastructure is set up to handle it, modify what needs to be modified, and install all of the components with efficiency.

We’ll make it look easy, and we won’t leave until we know every aspect of your system is up and running like clockwork.

Start to finish; whether we are building a system from scratch or updating and improving an existing system, we will fully outfit your workspace, train you on the technical components you and your staff will interact with, and promise to be available any time you reach out to us for help.

That’s what “local” and “turnkey” are about. We are about personalized service made easy for our Tampa area restaurant owners and managers.

For you and your staff, we’ll give you a scheduling system that will help you make sure every shift is adequately staffed, make it easier for your employees to pick up and trade shifts, and allow you to create a weekly schedule without thumbing through papers to check staff members’ individual availability.

Even better, we’ll hook you up (literally) with a POS that is intuitive, comprehensive, quick-moving, and that has data reporting capabilities so you can understand your restaurant’s margins and metrics. That’s how you succeed. We know that.

In your position, though, you know that it’s really about customer happiness. For your customers, we’ll support:

  • fast and consistent Wifi
  • online and table-side ordering software solutions
  • integration with food delivery service apps
  • reservation systems

Your diners are interacting with technology in ways we never imagined. In fact, digital channel sales are on pace to reach 30% of total sales for US restaurants by 2025 (Upserve).We’ll help you embrace it. The result: your customers embrace your business.

You go be the frontman. We’ve got your back.