Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling and Infrastructure That Will Keep Your Systems Optimized

A tech system is only as strong as its infrastructure. The best software out there will still fail if your wiring and tech setup can’t keep up. For a well-oiled machine, you need the right components, and Securis Systems has all your details covered.

Low-Voltage Cabling

We are a licensed, low-voltage provider. You don’t even want to know about the rainbow of cable sizes, materials, lengths, and types that we handle as a local Managed Service Provider.

Just know this: we are IT gurus at Securis, and for each and every component of your business, we know which cables to use, where they should be located, how they’ll function, and how to integrate them without creating an eyesore or safety hazard in your place of business.

Access control

As a higher-up in the hospitality industry, it’s essential that you maintain control over your restaurant’s data, menu, POS…all of it.

Customers and employees alike should only be able to use the programs and functions that are appropriate to their needs. 

Our restaurant IT solutions team will work with you to apply access controls that provide security without a hassle, and will always be available to update those controls.


Wireless internet access is a given in modern business, for you, your staff and your customers.

Securis will work with you to determine the types of Wifi networks/access you need — a private, secure network for your business transactions and data, public access or password-protected access for your customers, Bluetooth connectivity where appropriate — and with the underlying technology and bandwidth to accommodate it all with no hiccups.


Installing closed-circuit television, more commonly referred to as security, in your establishment is incredibly important to your bottom line. Businesses are always at risk of theft, dishonest time reporting, and lawsuits. It just comes with the territory.

Restaurants, in particular, are vulnerable to internal theft, customer credit card issues (one of the only industries where employees have physical access to customers’ cards), and “slip and fall” claims from both employees and customers.

Installing security cameras at multiple checkpoints on your property can help with loss prevention, lawsuits, and employee productivity.

Think about it.

How many times have you:
  • Questioned the accuracy of an employee’s clock-in/clock-out times?
  • Caught wind of a team member or server giving friends free drinks or food?
  • Heard about a slip and fall lawsuit in a local restaurant (which have risen about 300% in the last 30 years, according to QSR)?

These situations, some of which are avoidable, cost restaurants millions of dollars every year, but you can drastically reduce that number for your business with strategically placed CCTV cameras.

Your insurance company may even offer incentives, like reduced premiums, for having security cameras installed.

Network build-outs

When Securis Systems proposes and executes the installation of a new system or expansion/updating of your current one, we’ll use our expertise to thoroughly analyze best placement and number of network connection and access points, ordering kiosks/tablets, kitchen display screens, routers, and your central hub.

We’ll ensure that locations of all your components and access points make sense for your operations, and that they’re in safe locations for you, your crew, and your customers.