Outdated POS System

Upgrade your outdated POS system

Securis can upgrade your traditional, POS system to a smooth, single-party, start-to-finish POS with the best pos system available - Heartland POS System.

POS systems like Aloha, Micros, Positouch have their strengths certainly, but they struggle to keep up with the warp speed technology changes in the industry.

To be a contender, it’s vital to offer perks like:

  • mobile ordering 
  • delivery 
  • customer loyalty programs
  • gift cards

Speed Up Your POS System With Cloud-Based Apps

While there are heaps of apps and third-party options for those services, you need to be on the cloud to seamlessly integrate them with your POS, unless you have the capability to develop and add your own system into your website.

That is also a legit option, considering that 78% of delivery orders go directly through restaurants.

In either case, most POS systems just can’t handle it with the agility that an updated POS system can. And it might be costing you.

Consider the numbers...

Twenty-two percent of consumers say that ordering food for carryout or delivery is more a part of their routine than it was two years ago.

A recent survey (National Restaurant Association and Technomic Inc) showed in-store ordering kiosks as the largest customer order technology utilized in the past year, with over 65% of the people surveyed indicating that they’re more likely to go to a restaurant if kiosks are an option.

Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - Online Ordering

Do customers always prefer a kiosk to a person?

Not necessarily. But in the world of fast-casual, “fast” is the keyword.

Increased ordering stations equal decreased waits, and if you want to build a loyal customer base, you get them in and out quickly enough that they’re not late returning from their lunch hour.

If you choose to use third-party delivery services, you can increase your reach and grow your customer base, getting discovered by people who may otherwise not be familiar with your restaurant

And smooth-like-butter delivery isn’t the only perk of utilizing cutting-edge technology in your establishment.

Customer loyalty programs, which are a breeze to manage with the right technology, can increase your revenue 25-95% with even just a 5% increase in customer retention.

You just can’t afford to miss out on that kind of growth all because of an outdated or nonexistent POS system.

If that doesn’t get your attention, maybe this will.

Upgrade your restaurant point of sale system

Here’s what you get when you update to our Heartland POS System:

One Integrated Suite

Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - One Integrated Suite
  • Cloud-based Point of Sale: Works with rest of the suite to streamline your end-to-end operations.
  • Self Order Kiosk: Gives your customers the power to get what they want to increase average guest spend and accuracy.
  • Mobile Ordering: Expands your presence by enabling customers to view your menu and place orders for delivery and pickup from anywhere.
  • Guest Application: Connects customers directly with your restaurant for an enhanced experience.
  • Gift Cards: Gets customers in the door.
  • Loyalty: Keeps customers coming back.

Cloud Driven

Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - Cloud Based
  • Maintain visibility over end-to-end operations from any Internet enabled device.
  • Access real-time reporting to ensure you always have enough staff and inventory on hand.
  • Update and sync menus from any Internet- enabled device.
  • No down time -- If the Internet goes down, you continue to take orders, payments and print tickets.
  • Always protected - Restaurant data is continually backed up and secured with end-to-end encryption.

Streamline Operations

Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - Streamline Operations
  • Text customers on waitlist when their table is ready, eliminating costly pagers.
  • Take orders tableside with mobile tablets.
  • Keep prep stations in the know with a consolidated, real-time view of all orders coming from table, counter, bar, kiosk and online.
  • Pace orders perfectly with kitchen display for cooks.
  • Dispatch delivery with turn-by-turn instructions
    to drivers via text.
  • Know your customers with caller ID and access your customers’ order history.
  • View staff scheduling / shifts with integrated employee time and attendance.

And with Securis Systems as your local, Tampa area MSP, you’ve got a help desk and local, industry-expert techs taking your calls when time is of the essence. No 30-minute elevator music holds.

No missed business opportunities while you wait for a solution.

So what you’re left with is knowledgeable, efficient, customer service-oriented IT service so your restaurant can feed and get fed.