Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Today’s hospitality business landscape is fiercely competitive, even more so if you consider that 60% of restaurants go out of business within three years of opening (largely due to fundamental flaws in operations).

Maybe that’s why, at least in the Tampa area, there’s a rise in ghost kitchens and food halls. But there’s still a future for stand-alone restaurants, too. Take a peek inside the leading ones and you’re going to see first-class technology around every corner, not only in the store but on its website.

It’s impressive, and you want to keep up, but you went into this to serve delicious, comforting, or maybe adventurous food — not to serve the technology gods.

If you want to stand a chance, but also be able to do your thing as the owner/manager of your food haven, you need to delegate the wires and gigabytes to a managed IT service Tampa, FL businesses trust to be there when you need us most.

And that is why having locally-owned Securis Systems as your expert Market Service Provider, with its help desk that’s locally manned 24/7, is going to be your new favorite.

You can do your thing, out there in the front of the house, taking care of your customers, building that loyal fan base, or in the back of the house taking care of your line cooks. And we’ll do our thing: analyzing, building, and maintaining your tech systems, making it look easy all the while.

Securis Systems will carry the weight of your:

  • network management for robust security and fast reliability. Because the last thing you need to hear is “we got hacked,” or “the network is down...again.”
  • patch management to keep your systems updated. Your updates will happen when needed to keep things running in tip-top shape, and never in the middle of a dinner or breakfast rush. No sudden shutdowns. Only seamless transitions.
  • backups: your important sales, inventory, payroll and customer loyalty data can get stored without slowing your operations. You tell us what you want to be backed up and we’ll set up your system to back itself up automatically so that you’re not at risk of losing important data. You can offload it when you need to or access it if ever and whenever the need arises.
  • server management for optimal performance.You’ve heard tales of the overloaded server. Everyone is online at once and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. We’ll make sure that doesn’t become a part of your story.
  • infrastructure setup and maintenance. When we have that first conversation about exactly what components will go into your beautiful, sleek, professional life-changing system, a huge part of it will be about how to accommodate it. As we mentioned before, you can have all the bells and whistles the world has tooffer, but without the foundation to support it, it’s worth nothing. We will build a solid foundation for you.