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We Keep Your Systems Optimized

Technology infrastructure is robust and indispensable to digital technology. It ensures it runs at peak performance. Yet, even the best software can fail in a weak or sub-par infrastructure.

For digital technology to perform as expected, you need high-performing and reliable components.

Securis Systems has what you need for a solid infrastructure.

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What Is Structured Cabling?

Low Voltage Cabling Restaurants

In telecommunications, structured cabling is a vital part of a building's infrastructure. It comprises several standardized small elements or "subsystems."

Structured cabling components can include twisted copper wire, fiber optic cabling, patch panels, and patch cables. Patching is a way to connect different devices for signal routing.

Structured cabling uses low-voltage wiring. Of course, high-voltage wires power lighting, switches, appliances and other heavy-energy-consuming devices.

But, low-voltage cabling, with limited power, transmits signals and information.

We find structured cabling helpful because it is adaptable and easy to manage. It's cost-effective and saves downtime.

It has the flexibility to support different systems and applications—today and into the future. Structured cabling helps a business organize and present itself as well-organized and professional.

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Low-Voltage Cabling and the Technology It Enables

Many people living now have known and used low-voltage cabling all their lives. Think of phone service with twisted copper wire, television served by coaxial cable, and wired doorbells.

So would it surprise you to learn that low-voltage cabling is still used today?

What mature business today doesn't have a multi-line telephone system?

Security systems and surveillance technology?

Or other digital electronic technology?

The following are examples of structured cabling uses and today's low-voltage cabling applications.

Computer Networks

Patch Panel Network

Structured low-voltage cabling runs internal LANs (local area networks) or intranets.

LANs are confined to a building, business, or connected system (like universities).

A significant benefit of intranets is allowing several internal users to share data, software, security, and other restricted computing functions.

Security Systems

Door monitoring and security cameras help businesses know who's coming and going from the premises and what's happening inside. Many do this using closed-circuit television (CCTV). Security cameras also alert employees and security personnel to possible intruders. Having these cameras onsite can stop security breaches before they happen.

As a licensed low-voltage provider, Securis Systems can set these and other devices up for you. Then, we'll connect and organize them within a comprehensive system.

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Today's Businesses Need Structured Low-Voltage Cabling

Structured low-voltage cabling combines business telecommunications into one bundle: broadband, telephone, and computers.

Such a system allows access to the different systems and applications from one port. We believe a cabling structure must be flexible and easy to configure.

It also must be adaptable for the inevitable future uses.

Are you a business owner, restaurant owner, office manager needing ready access to the on-premises technology you use?

You must have the right technology components for the "well-oiled machine" you want your business to be.

No worries, though. Securis Systems has you and all your project details covered. Please reach out today!

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