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Your Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solution to Enhance Your Business

Manage Your Staff, Serve Your Customers, and Grow Your Business from One Convenient System

Heartland Point of Sale Is More Than a System

Now more than ever, businesses need an effective POS system to enhance their operations. As customer demands change and economic challenges emerge, streamlining processes is a critical component of your business success. That’s where Heartland Point of Sale transforms your business.

Heartland POS is the most modern and effective solution for fine, casual, and quick dining environments. 

It has revolutionized the restaurant industry, helping your business operate efficiently, drive sales, engage customers, and control costs.

This feature-rich system solves the most common restaurant problems and frees up your time so you can focus on your customers.

Benefits of Using the Heartland POS Cloud-Based System

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is as competitive as ever. That’s why you need an effective POS system to ease the challenges you face with day-to-day operations.

With Heartland POS, you save time, boost profits, and create a well-managed team that will enhance your business. Here are some of the fantastic features and benefits you get with the Heartland Point of Sale System:

Operate More Efficiently

Thanks to the Heartland Point of Sale cloud-based system, you can access information at any time from any location. This helps you handle administrative requirements, manage your team, track orders, access inventory, monitor sales, and even add menu items or change prices instantly.

In one convenient, easy-to-access location, Heartland POS System includes features like:

  • Built-in Failsafe Redundancy
  • Caller ID Order History
  • Delivery Driver Management
  • Delivery Platforms Integration
  • Label and Barcode Printing
  • Kitchen Displays
  • SMS Messaging Notifications
  • Host Wait List Management
Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - Streamline Operations

Engage Your Customers

If you want to find success in the restaurant industry, you need to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Statistics show that 79% of people order takeout via websites or apps.

New technology improves the guest experience, and that is exactly what the Heartland POS system does. Our partners love the additional features they can offer to their customers with this innovative POS system. 

Benefits that enhance the customer experience include:

Heartland Restaurant POS Tampa - Loyalty App - Securis Systems
  • Contactless Payment
  • Virtual Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Apps
  • Self-Ordering Kiosks
  • Online Ordering
  • Skip the Line Ordering
  • The guest app extends your business to enhance the customer experience, allowing your guests to order when they want from wherever they want.

    Plus, loyalty rewards turn the occasional guest into frequent diners. With the right technology for your restaurant, you are one step closer to delivering a customer experience worth talking about.

    Manage and Control Costs

    Traditional POS systems come with high upfront costs and additional fees for updates and add-ons. The Heartland POS system is a more affordable option. You’ll know exactly what to expect of your operating expenses before you buy it. 

    Our all-in-one system is based on a subscription model, providing an affordable solution that includes what you need from the start.

    You’ll never have to deal with extra costs for tools or features.

    Software upgrades and enhancements are included. This system is also unlocked, so you’re not strapped into one company with higher credit card processing fees. You have the freedom to choose and change credit card processors at any time.

    The system is also scalable, giving you the advantage of changing the number of devices you use as your business changes. That means you have the freedom to add or remove devices as you grow, during seasonal changes, or for a special event without being stuck with a significant expense.

    The benefits of cloud management help you more effectively manage:

    • Inventory
    • Accounting
    • Labor Scheduling
    • Payroll
    • HR Services
    • Front and Back End Synchronization
    • Multi-Revenue Streams
    • Multiple Locations

    Heartland POS- The Powerful, Scalable, Feature-Rich Solution for Every Business Problem


    Accept payments in-store, online, and on-the-go. Rapid authorization allows you to access funds instantly. Lightning-fast processing saves customers time and frustration.


    With the Heartland Point of Sale system, you get the benefit of payroll made easy. Eliminate the guesswork surrounding personnel management and compliance. Handle time, attendance, HR administration, tax reporting, and more in a single, integrated suite. Get the peace of mind that you’re always protected.

    Attract New Customers

    Get customers in the door and keep them coming back, thanks to the amazing customer experience you create using this system. The engagement tools do the work for you. Increase sales and unlock record business growth when you show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

    Sleek, Space-Saving Hardware to Better Serve Your Customers

    One of the significant advantages of the Heartland Point of Sale system is the hardware we use to serve your customers. It’s easy-to-use and ergonomic. Use less counter space, enjoy flexible setup options, and take advantage of benefits like no-show fingerprint screens to keep your business looking great.

    Fixed POS Systems

    Heartland Restaurant POS Tampa

    Our fixed POS systems are great for servers, cashiers, bartenders, and managers. They use reliable technology to ensure you’re serving your customers best. Unite your team and turn tables faster with the effective fixed option.

    Kiosk Ordering

    Kiosk Ordering - Restaurant POS Tampa

    A feature customers love, kiosk ordering is great for your guests and even better for your business. Upsell customers, lower labor costs, and drive more sales by allowing customers to place and pay for their orders.

    Online Ordering

    Online Ordering - Restaurant POS Tampa

    A feature customers love, kiosk ordering is great for your guests and even better for your business. Upsell customers, lower labor costs, and drive more sales by allowing customers to place and pay for their orders.

    Delivery Dispatch

    Dispatch Delivery - Restaurant Tampa

    The Heartland POS system allows you to connect with up to 48 delivery services, like Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and more. You can also avoid fees and run your own deliveries efficiently with delivery dispatch. Assign orders to drivers with drag and drop options. It’s simple and effective.

    Table Service

    Restaurant POS Tampa - Securis Systems - Streamline Operations

    Wireless devices make way for easy, efficient tableside service. Reduce server error, unite your front and back end, and turn tables faster to enhance your business.

    Kitchen Displays

    Kitchen Displays - Restaurant POS Tampa

    Kitchen displays are one of the added benefits of using Heartland Point of Sale. Sync your servers and kitchen staff in real-time. Streamline kitchen production by keeping prep stations in the know, pacing orders, and providing a real-time view on every order placed.

    With Heartland POS, you get a comprehensive system that supports high-volume business for single and multi-store operations. It’s perfect for table service, quick service, bars and nightclubs, fast and casual restaurants, pizzerias, delivery services, food trucks, coffee shops, and more.

    The Heartland Point of Sale System is the Reliable, Secure Cloud-Based Solution

    When it comes to your POS, you deserve a system that is reliable and secure. The Heartland POS system is a solidly built, high-performance system that combines the best of price and speed.

    Unlike other systems, our built-in Failsafe Redundancy means you’re always up and running. The system still works if the internet is down and doesn’t require a fileserver to operate.

    Heartland POS works off Apple iPads-the more reliable, less costly option for high-volume support. Our built-in Amazon web services foundation helps your team move faster with global, compute, store, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that work at top speed. You will be more efficient, lower costs, and enjoy the flexibility to adapt as your business changes and grows.

    The cloud-driven reliable system allows you to:

    • Maintain visibility over end-to-end operations from any internet-enabled device.
    • Access real-time reporting to ensure you have enough staff and inventory on hand.
    • Update and sync menus from any internet-enabled device.
    • Take orders, payments, and print tickets even when the internet goes down.
    • Access sales insight and business analytics from any location.

    Out of Scope System Protects Your Business

    The out of scope system means your business is always protected. Lower the risk of security issues and avoid liability that comes from data breaches. That’s because the Heartland Point of Sale system never processes, transmits, or stores cardholder data. With fewer interfaces, you’ll also lower security and crash risks you face with other POS systems.

    Heartland POS Gives You the Hands-On Support You Need for Business Growth

    As the industry-leading provider of point of sale systems, Heartland POS provides the industry’s best support. Other POS systems have a matrix of support centers that lead to longer wait times and communication and language barriers from outsourced teams. Heartland POS offers hands-on support and ongoing advice from dedicated techs right in your community.

    Get the support you need when you need it most from a team that understands your business’s unique needs. From setup to system consolidation, Securis Systems is your local Tampa area MSP. You’ll always get local techs to take calls and solve your issues. Don’t worry about missed business opportunities while searching for a solution because our help desk is available and capable

    Make the Switch to Heartland Point of Sale

    It’s the perfect time to enhance your business and enjoy the benefits of one cloud-based suite to streamline your operations.

    All features are built-in, so 3rd party integrations are optional, not required. 

    Integrate self-order kiosks, mobile ordering, guest apps, loyalty programs, administrative requirements, and more with our comprehensive platform that feeds your business while your customers get fed.

    From Main Street to Wall Street, Find out Why Over Businesses Nationwide Trust Heartland POS

    Get in touch with a dedicated member of our team to discuss making the switch to the innovative, industry-leading provider of point of sale systems.

    Heartland POS is the most modern and effective solution for fine, casual, and quick dining environments.