Aloha POS System Support

Bridging the Gap for NCR Aloha Support, Maintenance, and Repair

As a trusted seller of Heartland POS systems, we meet with countless clients who have recently invested in their POS system.

While many of those clients aren’t ready to incur the added expense of switching systems, most of them are looking for a local, dedicated IT service for POS support. 

Our team at Securis Systems has over 42 years of experience working with the popular Aloha POS system.

Even if you didn’t get your system through Securis Systems, we’re here to help you manage, maintain, and repair your system when you need help most.

With 24/7 POS support, our team services hundreds of locations using NCR Aloha systems.

We focus on bringing our clients the convenient, all-in-one Heartland POS system. Our main priority, however, is to provide a comprehensive solution for all your IT security system needs.

On-Hand Experts Service Aloha Restaurant POS Systems

NCR Aloha systems aren’t new to the business world.

They’ve been a popular full-service POS platform used across several business industries, especially the restaurant industry.

Many restaurant workers have knowledge, experience, and training using the Aloha POS system because of its popularity. 

Since most businesses have already invested in the Aloha system and spent money on employee training, making the switch to Heartland POS isn’t always the right choice for our customers. 

While we understand that making a switch might not the right move for your business at this time, we continue to provide high-quality managed IT services to countless companies in the area.

As part of our commitment to providing local IT support to Tampa’s growing business industry, we have 4 Aloha POS system experts on staff to help our clients maintain their POS systems. 

Local, Corporate Level IT Support for Tampa Clients 

Securis Systems is proud to provide dedicated Aloha IT support to the following business industries in Tampa and the surrounding areas:

  • Local hospitality businesses
  • Small business owners
  • Startups 
  • Private equity firms
  • Office buildings
  • Plazas and strip centers
  • Convenience stores
  • Fine, casual, and quick dining environments

Contact Securis Systems for All Your Aloha POS System Needs

Who do you turn to when you experience issues with your Aloha restaurant POS system? As a complicated and intricate system, several aspects of the NCR Aloha system require ongoing maintenance, support, and third-party management.

This includes:

  • Management of multiple payment options 
  • Hardware issues
  • Over 200 3rd-party integrations
  • Fixed and mobile POS system
  • Contactless dine-in app
  • Online ordering
  • Takeout and curbside options
  • Gift card and loyalty program integration
  • Chatbots
  • Table side ordering systems
  • 3rd party delivery

When businesses experience issues with their Aloha POS system, where do they turn? The problem with traditional NCR Aloha support is:

  1. Most companies sell off their IT support to 3rd party services. That means you get passed from one support tech to another, many who aren’t even in the same country as you, never mind local. 
  2. With limited field techs on staff, it could take days or longer to get someone out to service your machine. 
  3. As more and more IT businesses try to cut costs, many have cut their hours of operations. Many Aloha POS customer support services are only available for 16 hours a day. Add that your support team can work in a different time zone, hours of availability are even more limited.

With over 100,000 Aloha restaurant POS systems in use, you need an IT services company that is available and reliable.

Trust Securis Systems experts to be there when you need us most.

With over 42 years of experience with NCR Aloha systems, we provide the support, maintenance, and management you need to keep your business operating as you expect.