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In the fall of 2012, after a decade of working IT in corporate hospitality, our CEO, Jeremy Axe, decided to open Securis Systems, an IT services company, with the objective of providing a LOCAL, corporate-level restaurant IT support that would cater to the needs of Tampa’s growing and vibrant independent restaurant scene. 

IT Services Challenges

Our experience has taught us about some of the very real technology challenges you face as a manager/owner in the hospitality industry.

1. Too many providers

With the influx of third-party apps and providers, restaurants have more opportunities than ever to serve and connect with customers.

The other side of that coin: restaurant leadership ends up with multiple different vendors and platforms to deal with every time a problem arises. 

Let the blame games begin. Meanwhile, you’re anxiously waiting for a tech solution.

2. Disappointing IT customer service

Larger IT services companies can add to your challenges in your restaurant. When you have tech issues that slow your operations and affect your productivity and, hence, your profits, you need swift solutions. Automated services that send you down a rabbit hole to find the right person to talk to, only to drop you off with someone across the country, if not across an ocean, are not the kind of services you had in mind when you signed up for this.

You can avoid all that hassle with Securis Systems.

We’re intentionally designed to be your one-stop, comprehensive virtual IT department, locally based and only a phone call away. You need someone accessible, ready to help, who can actually come to you if needed, and who knows the restaurant business.

We check off all those boxes by being an MSP that’s available 24/7, with knowledge of your industry.

Our staff knows what it takes for you to climb and stay perched at the top of your niche in the restaurant world. As constant learners in their areas of expertise, each of our team members, from the CEO to the head of installation, stays ahead of the technology, and as we grow, we remain committed to that.

We’ll always provide you and your restaurant gold standard options and provide unparalleled service.

Jeremy Axe | CEO

Michael Stone | Director of IT

Born in Guilford, CT and moved to Florida in 1996.  Technology has always been a curiosity of mine, it is what drove me to take apart all my toys as a child, and to build my own computer by the age of 11.  It soon became apparent to me that if I wanted to upgrade my PC or buy things to tinker with, I would need money.  So, at the age of 14 I got a job at Publix.  Working at Publix coached me on customer service, how to deal with customer issues, and hard work, something which still follows me to this day, and why I believe I focus more on my clients needs than others.  During this time in high school I had also taken a great interest in web design, and had passed all the available courses and had worked with the school board to allow me to add more classes, and even teach other students.  This led me to launch my own web design company at the age of 16, after a successful redesign and launch of my high schools’ website, and start working with some smaller, and larger, clients.

At 17, I left Publix in search of more technology focused work, and found employment with both Staples, helping launch their “EZ Tech” in-store IT program, and a local PC repair company my senior year of high school.  Both allowed me to bring my self-taught knowledge of computers to a wider audience, and to learn under some very intelligent mentors.  After working at these locations for a year I had to part ways, as it was time for college: Florida Institute of Technology for Computer Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering.

In 2009 after the housing and financial markets collapsed, I ended up moving back home in search of work, and landed a job helping open Green Iguana in Riverview, FL.  It was here that I fell in love with hospitality, and my previous years at Publix really allowed me to shine with the guests.  It was here that I also decided I wanted to focus my experience and expertise on hospitality technology, and what drove me down the path I am on today.

Since then, I have learned, trained, grown, and more.  This led me to be the IT Director of a very large restaurant group in South Tampa from 2014 to 2018.  Having met Jeremy in 2016 and brought him on to help us with our growth, IT infrastructure, and new restaurant construction, I truly appreciated his care and level of detail for the small things.  Working for the restaurant group was satisfying, but I wished to always do more, go bigger, help as many as I could, so It only made sense that I join Jeremy at Securis Systems in 2018 as the Director of IT Services to help grow and expand what he worked so hard to start.

Chris Nelsen | POS Implementation Manager

Tatum Ellington | Implementation Tech

Curt Viscome | Lead Infrastructure Tech

Max Orndoff | Infrastructure Tech

Max - IT Installation Tech

Nikola - Database Admin

Nikola Pavlovic | Database Administrator

Jennifer Jacques | Office Manager

My name is Jennifer, 

I'm the Office Manager for Securis Systems, I’ve been at the company now for 4 years. I have over 8 years of accounting/book keeping experience.  I take a lot of pride in helping and making sure everyone and all customers are well taken care of.   

I'm a mother to two beautiful kids, my son who’s 7 and my daughter who’s 2.  In my family’s free time we love to garden and have a food garden along with rain barrels, compost and also 2 chickens named violet and chickaletta.  

We love to live life and really enjoy each day.

We provide managed IT services to these industries

We bring top-quality IT management services to local hospitality industry professionals.

In addition, we are rapidly expanding our services to include these industries -

Small Business Owners

IT Services for small business owners

Start Ups

IT Services for Start Ups

Private Equity Firms

IT Solutions for Private equity Firm

Office Buildings

IT Networking Set Up for Office Building IT

Plazas / Strip Centers

IT Services for Strip Center and Plazas

Convenience Stores

IT Services Convenience Stores

Whether you’re a long-established titan of the Tampa restaurant scene or a startup daring to dream, Securis Systems wants you to thrive, and we want to be the Managed Service Provider to help you do just that.

Our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge keep us agile and on the leading edge of the technology curve, and when we apply that to your hospitality business, your productivity and profitability are sure to increase.

Give us a call or contact us through our webpage. 

We’d love to talk through your business needs, goals, and ideas so we can craft a tailored solution that will bring your technology up to speed and optimize your operations.